photograph by Calum McMillan // GingerSnapsScotland

photograph by Calum McMillan // GingerSnapsScotland

About Christopher Patrick 

Graduating the University of Glasgow without the accent, Chris is a non-award winning writer (although he knows some) and is the author of two short story collections, his first novel The Quest For Perfection (Is A Damn Fine Thing) and short story Rocket Man. Chris also has a short story featured in the horror anthology Twisted50, the number one best seller which knocked Stephen King off the top spot on the Amazon Best Seller list.

He’s also a director, podcast maker and professional biscuit eater. Loves talking in the third person and fighting with his cat.  

He has also written several plays, in the form of comedies Fools On A Hill & Ratins', the comedy-dramas Full Stop & The Vultures and dark drama The Pact. Most recently, he has written and directed two short sketches for BBC The Social, I Am A Lad BBC Brainstorm – New TV Channel Ideas? – the most recent sketch gaining over 30K views.

Creator of the Toasted Fiction Theatre podcast series, Chris has been mentored by BAFTA Award-Winning David Cosgrove (see he knows some!), Johnny McKnight and is one of the Scottish Youth Theatres Young Writers and Youth Theatre Arts Scotland Young Arts Leaders.

 Funnier than people give him credit for – or at least he thinks so.


@dancingtoaster & @pickpocketmedia