photograph by Calum McMillan // GingerSnapsScotland

photograph by Calum McMillan // GingerSnapsScotland

About Christopher Patrick 

Christopher Patrick (founder and writer of PickPocket Media) is not an award winning writer (although he knows some) and lives in Scotland. Creator of the Toasted Fiction Theatre podcast series, Chris has been mentored by David Cosgrove, Johnny McKnight and is one of the Scottish Youth Theatres Young Writers and Youth Theatre Arts Scotland Young Arts Leaders.

As part of the Scottish Youth Theatre’s Young Writers Programme, Chris wrote his first one act play, The Constant Soldier under the tutelage of BAFTA-Winning Writer David Cosgrove (see he knows some). The Constant Soldier  enjoyed a successful two week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, produced by Calum McMillan and directed by Christopher, and was described as “a taut piece of new writing” by Broadway Baby.

Since then, Chris has written several plays, in the form of comedies Fools On A Hill & Ratins', the comedy-dramas Full Stop & The Vultures and dark drama in The Pact. These plays have enjoyed audiences from Greenock to Glasgow in venues such as the Beacon Arts Centre, Sloans as part of Wee Theaters Glasgow & the Tron Theatre.

In 2016, he published his first book, Toasted Fiction: A Collection Of Very Short Stories (That Nobody Asked For. The book was met with rave reviews and contains 130 nano stories of 50 words in length. Chris also has a short story featured in the horror anthology Twisted50, the number one best seller which knocked Stephen King off the top spot on the Amazon Best Seller list.

Chris is also a theatre director, workshop facilitator, filmmaker and biscuit eater. He graduated with a Master of Arts from Glasgow University, a title he struggles to live up to and is continuing his battle against talking in the third person, something he is currently struggling with.