Welcome to PickPocket Media

PickPocket Media (formerly Toasted Fiction) is here to produce content that you can carry around in your pocket. Stories you can read, watch or listen to, wherever you are.

Not only does PickPocket Media exist to tell stories you can keep in your pocket, it also exists to give you stories for whatever you have in your pocket. Want to listen to one of our podcasts? Go and head over to PickPocket Podcasts - they’re free!

Love reading books? Check out PickPocket Publishing where you can buy our books in paper format for affordable prices.

Love reading and would love to read our stories but don’t have enough in your pocket for the books? Don’t worry - checkout the Pick Our Pocket Series, where we will release some of our stories you can get in the books or in book format, right here for FREE!

Love watching content? Then head over to the PickPocket Productions section of the website. We have a short film on there for free and, whenever we have more films or digital content, we’ll put them on there for you to watch.

Welcome to PickPocket Media. Stories of all shapes and sizes in your pocket, no matter how much you have in your pocket.

Chris Patrick