Pre-Order: The Quest For Perfection (Is A Damn Fine Thing) Paperback

Released Feb 15th 2019

Pre-order the debut novel from Chris Patrick now!

We’re excited to release this thrilling mystery by author (and PickPocket Media creator) Chris Patrick which he describes as a Desperate Housewives if it was written by Michael Crichton.

Author Chris Patrick says, "The best way to describe this book really is that it’s mystery-thriller in three parts. I think there’s a bunch of different influences in the book from Stephen King to Tom Perrotta, two of my favourite authors, which combines to tell a good story. I often describe it as If Michael Crichton wrote a story in the suburban worlds created by Tom Perrotta, then you’re close to what The Quest For Perfection (Is A Damn Fine Thing) is like. It’s equal parts The Andromeda Strain and Little Children. It’s Jurassic Park meets The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin. It’s Under The Dome meets This One Is Mine by Maria Semple. 

There’s also a lot of TV influences to the novel also. “I love TV and I think that comes through in the book. There’s nods to shows like Lost & Desperate Housewives in there. It’s an ensemble cast of characters in the book and each chapter moves the story on in their eyes. If Michael Crichton or Stephen King wrote an episode of Desperate Housewives this would probably be the result!”

The good news also is that it’s not a massive novel, something that’s a result of the author’s background in short stories and short plays. “I love the short format, particularly in this day and age where everything happens so quickly, there’s loads of stuff out there to read, watch or listen to, and not everyone has the time to sit down and read a massive novel. I think brevity is key and if you can tell a really good story in a short space of time then the better - it’s a bigger advantage these days. One of the things I wanted to do with this novel was start off with the nice slow novelistic build up and as it progresses the pace ramps up to a big climax. It starts off as one thing and ends very differently.”

The novel is released through PickPocket Media (formerly Toasted Fiction) by Patrick on Feb 15th 2019. For more info, read the official synopsis below and pre-order here!

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For the residents of Fredrick street, life is just perfect in their small community. They have everything they ever wanted and more.

Sarah has the family and the body she has always wanted while Jessica is a popular high school kid with grades as high as her popularity. Albert is retired with his wife of 60 years. Mark is one of the world’s best surgeons and his wife Kim, with her A-List movie start career, is expecting their first child. They have absolutely everything they ever wanted and live on the street with the kind of houses they dreamed of when they were little kids.

Until the visions start and the memories that don't belong to them are remembered.

For the residents of Fredrick Street, life is just perfect and just perfect is just so. 

Unfortunately, the world has other plans.

Chris Patrick