Reviews for Toasted Fiction: A Collection of Very Short Stories (That Nobody Asked For)

Praise For A Collection of Short Stories (That Nobody Asked For)

"My god, these are amazing.  The amount of creativity poured into each of these 50 word stories boggles the mind. Time to change the title - I'm absolutely asking for these very short stories."

- Dave Barrett, Author of All Fun & Games

“Nano stories. The man writes nano stories. They're so much fun, so cleverly crafted with a beginning, middle, and end and clear characterizations. How does he do it?”

-- S.T. Ranscht, Co-Author of Enhanced

"These little pieces of Toasted Fiction are gems."

-- Jason Pomerance, Author of Women Like Us

 “I really like the font.”

-- Lesley Anne-Patrick, Mother of The Author

Chris Patrick