This Town


This town

I tell ye

It’s really something else

I swear it’s located somewhere 

Between heaven and hells bells

This town 

I tell ye

It feels like it rains forever

But ye’ve got tae love the cracking views

We have over the River

This town

I tell ye

Chances are high ye might get glassed

This town, it’s mental

But it’s also kinda class

Hawf the folk are carrying

The other are smoking dope

And naewhere else will ye find a junkie 

Playing wae nunchucks made out of rope

It’s the same town ye grew up in

It’s where ye skint yer knees

Where ye fell in love

And where ye used tae climb trees

It’s the same town ye got drunk in 

and made yer lifelong pals

Where ye skidged school every other day 

and got knocked back aff aw the gals

It’s the place ye learned tae walk 

and the place ye learned tae talk

The place ye played hopscotch 

on the ground made oot o chalk

Ye had yer first winch here 

and ye had yer first fight

And ye felt pure cool when ye first asked a pal 

tae gie yer cigarette a light

Noo ye might try and run from it 

and you might try and hide, 

but this town will be with you 

for the rest of yer life

Chris Patrick