What If The Avengers Were Scottish?


What if The Avengers Were Scottish?

Would Irn-Bru Man be the same with the sugar taken oot?

Would Captain Scotland want to gie the union the boot?

Would Thor, King of Aberdeen love it wae aw the thunder, rain and lightenin?

Would Square Go Machine be buzzin wae aw the fightin?

Would The Pure Brilliant Hulk be alright in Glesga on Old Firm Sundays?

Would the Ragin Nick wae the eye patch ruin their Bank Holiday Mondays? 

Would Riddy Witch be an absolute beamer?

Would the wee Mad Racoon be a complete & utter steamer?

Would Hawk-Eye The Noo work in Specsavers?

Would the Insect Wans aw be mad ravers?

Would the Weirdo Doctor gie us aw free prescriptions?

Would the Wans fae space come doon and cause hunners o friction?

Would Vision Heid join yer game o 5s and dribble right roon ye?

Would the Bird Wan fly about and shite bird shite aw doon ye?

A dunno if it’d be a good thing and a dunno if it’d be badthing

Wan thing I dae know is the banter that they’d aw bring

And how mad would it be if wan o them wis yer Maw? 

How mad would it be if wan of them wis yer Da?

Dae ye think they’d sell Avon and dae ye think they’d punt cooncil?

Chris Patrick