Hospitals, man

We live in them and die in them 

Laugh in them and cry in them 

The only thing I know is legit

The coffee they serve is fuckin shit

The milk is watier than the eyes in Ward C

And a know what this must say about me

But come oan tae fuck get yer vendy machines sorted

And what’s wae the gift shop yer prices are extortion 

A know it’s naw all about the food and the drink

But visitin a place like this fair makes ye think

If folk here are about tae be read their last rites

Surely tae Christ ye can gie them a few pints

Families comin together

And wishing that they werenae 

It’s no just the patients temperature that’s getting a wee bit burny

Cos at the end of the day even tho folk are really sick

It doesnae take away frae the fact that they’re actually a dick

Maybe I’m too harsh

And should take pity on them aw

With their yellow white hair and their unanswered prayers 

But for me it’s too hard and I’ve become all cynical

Cos everyone’s behaving like their sick are the pinnacle 

So for now I’ll just sit

And bite ma petted lip

And wait for the end

With the coffee that’s shit 

Hospitals, man

Chris Patrick