Rocket Man - Digital Download

Rocket Man - Digital Download


Everything is going well for Matt Bannister, a lead engineer in the latest rover mission launched from nasa to explore the possibility of life on other planets. 

However, after the death of his wife leaves him to look after their young son Tommy on his own, one fateful night gazing at the stars threatens to derail everything Matt has, from his job, his son, his reputation, and even his sanity.

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It's up to you. One part of Pocket Fiction is being about the stories being short and being able to fit in your pocket. The other part is about being able to pay what you want for the stories, if you want, and for whatever you have in your pocket. 1p? That's OK. 10p? Sounds great. £1? Now you're being too generous! I want to make stories available for everyone and to encourage people to read the stories, regardless if you can spend a few quid on it or not. So download the digital stories for free and if you enjoy, pick whatever change you have in your pocket and pay for it what you want.

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