Fools On A Hill Image.jpg

Starring Euan Cuthbertson (One Thinks Of It All As A Dream), Stephanie Falls (The Real Glesga Dance Mums) & Kirsty Strain (Burnistoun)

After God appears to one of them in a vision, complete with Kelburn disco lighting, two Christians take it upon themselves to start spreading the word of God again and put the world to rights the only way they know how – a good old fashioned crucifixion. A quick trip to IKEA later, and they’re ready to go. But will they go ahead with it? And if so, will they be rewarded?


Hammer. Nails. Flatpack Cross. Kelburn Discos & Co-Codamol. This is bound to end well.


Audience Praise For Fools On A Hill


“A dark comedy that is quick witted & full of warmth”


“scratches that slightly shameful itch when it comes to laughing at creed, faith and friendships”


“”Very punchy, conscise and funny with well realised characters”